Ok, this month I have decided to submerge myself into all these gorgeous 70’s fashions trends that I’m finding everywhere. Surprisingly, all I keep hearing from my mom is “Oh, I had that” and “I wore that when I was your age”. Who would have thought?

I found this jumpsuit at Asos and I wasn’t initially convinced I wanted it, because of the revealing plunge neckline. But I feel that it’s totally the 70’s vibe I love and I’m a strong believer that you can wear a revealing plunge neckline, yet keep it classy. 🙂 I paired it with a faux fur ivory coat to give it the glam Studio 54 vibe ( lol ) and the leopard shoes and clutch for accent pieces. I finished the look with petite gold accessories and I’m not lying when I say I felt fabulous in this look (despite the 96 degree Florida heat I shot this in today. ha ha ha). XOXO -E

This was love at first sight. This is not only super cute, is also extremely soft and comfortable. I scored this amazing jumpsuit on sale at Zaras for only 29.99! Unfortunately it’s sold out now, last time I checked. 🙁 I know right! No girl wants to hear those words, lol. But don’t worry! I found a few similar looks for you girls to browse above. I paired this up with a tassel necklace, wedge sandals and an Aztec clutch. So simple and you have the perfect casual dinner outfit. XOXO -E