Hello. I’m Eleana and I’m the owner of EsCloset.com, where this blog started. I founded E’s Closet in 2011; an online destination for women’s fashion. During these past few years, I’ve learned so much about the fashion industry and I can truly say I love it and I’m so proud to be a part of it. I’ve been fortunate enough over the years to work with an amazing team of employees, interns and campus representatives on every major college campus across the US. I’ve also collaborated with many well known bloggers and celebrity influencers along the way.

I’ve particularly always found the blogging community interesting. During this process of working with so many wonderful social media influencers through my company, I realized that this is another part of the fashion industry I really felt driven to participate in myself.  So after much thought and consideration, I decided to personally take over the E’s Closet blog and separate it out from the core business. Hence the birth of E’s Life & Style, where I can explore a much broader spectrum of topics and hopefully learn and grow along the way.

I have always been told that I should have been the content creator for the blog anyway, but initially my fear of being photographed always prevailed. I guess I’ve overcome that, at least a little bit now, and I’d love for you to take this journey with me. Please stop by often and please do share your thoughts with me. I promise to always reply personally to your comments/emails and I’d love to hear your input as we take this trip together. 😊